Charitable Actions

The Detachment has a primary goal of providing of assistance to Marines and veterans of other services who are in need.  This assistance is provided from fund drives conducted by the Detachment. 

​Financial  support for the Detachment's charities are the "Rose Fund" drives held on/near Memorial Day and Veteran's Day each year.

​The Detachment is able to provide veterans with an immediate $500 based on a demonstrated need.  This policy is chaired by the Sr. Vice Commandant George Firehammer.

John Hopkins

Provided the vision and legwork to establish the Detachment

John "Jack" Maas                     John "Jack" Maas, Col

new 2d Lt USMCR and            USMC Retired

Naval Aviator 1942

MCL Uniform Requirements:

The only required uniform item is the MCL Cover with emblem.  No attachments such as pins, miniature medals, etc are authorized on the cover.

The Detachment has created a red short and long sleeve shirt identifying the wearer as a Detachment Member. Shirts are available from the "Ships Store" open at Detachment Meetings. Other items are baseball caps, red windbreaker jacket, challenge coins, detachment decals, etc.

Membership approved a policy that states  when participating as a Detachment member in a public event that BOTH the cover and Detachment shirt be worn with appropriate trousers and shoes.

​Detachment policy is that store items items purchased by members are paid for when received by the member. 

"Ships Store" is managed by Joe Vera,  Quartermaster. Joe can be reached at


Jack Maas Detachment Commandants

                     2018 - Dave Glasgow

                     2016 - 2018 Phil Short

                     2014 - 2016  Marv Pixton

                     2013 - 2014:  Bill Zlater

                     2011 - 2013: Joe Bongiovi

​​​Commemoration of 50th Anniversary of Vietnam War

​At the March Detachment Meeting over 20 members were presented a pin in recognition of their service in the US Armed Forces during the Vietnam War (1 Nov 55 to 15 May 75)

To receive the service pin, actual in-country time is not required - merely service in the military during the stated period.

​Additionally, the Detachment has applied for and been accepted as a Commemorative Partner to see that all eligible veterans receive thanks and a pin for service.

Detachment Marine of the year

​2018: Phil Short

2017: Dave Glasgow

2016: Bob Singer

2015: Jim Smith

2014: "Doc" Rephanshek


Roy Elrod Semper Fi Lunch Group

Earlier this year, the lunch group lost its venue and has moved to the  Great American Buffet in Central Park.  Lunch starts at 1100 and normally there is a guest speaker. The name of the group has changed to the Roy Elrod Semper Fi Lunch Group. Roy was a  a retired Marine (LtCol) who participated in the invasion of Tarawa and seriously wounded on Saipan that ended his active service in WW 2. . Roy received a Silver Star for actions on Tarawa.

Our 1st Commandant Joe Bongiovi

Detachment Meetings  are held at the Moose Family Center 1655

11917 Cherry Rd., Fredericksburg, VA 22407  at 10 am

​3d Saturday of the month


                                                   Meeting Dates 2019:  20, Aug 17, Sept 21, Oct 19, *Nov 16, Dec 21

                     Pre-Meeting Breakfast starts at 0900 and are noted by * (Subject to Change!)

Cost $8 per person

NOTE:  Normally a pre-meeting breakfast would be held on 9/21.  Instead this will be the

date of the Detachment Family Picnic.


Web Page:

Mailing Address: Jack Maas Detachment 1379

PO Box 7515

Fredericksburg, VA 22404-7515

Annual Dues:  $35.00

Webmaster:  Jim Smith

Web Page Updated:  7/31/2019


The Jack Maas Detachment 1379 is part of the Marine Corps League and is a 501(c)(4) tax exempt organization.  The Detachment can not and may not endorse or support candidates for any elected office, local, state, or national.  Individual members of the Detachment or the League may support a candidate of their choice but may not do so while citing membership in the League or by wearing any article of clothing that reflects membership in the League.

Official MCL policy in this area may be seen in the National By Laws and Admin Procedures.

/s/J Judge Advocate

Jack Maas Detachment 1379

Natalie Maas

Detachment Installation Ceremony 2011

Jack Maas Detachment Officers 2019 - 2020 

Commandant: Dave Glasgow

Sr. Vice:  George Firehammer

Jr. Vice:  Bruce Mogenson

Judge Advocate: Jim Smith

Adjutant:  Steve Hansen

Paymaster: Sheri Moore

Sgt at Arms: Bob Singer

Quartermaster: Joe Vera

Chaplain: Scott Pipenhagen

Public Affairs: Bill Anderson

Local Young Marine Detachment

Lance Cpl Caleb Powers

Visit their Facebook Page at Marines/141359516078. Contact:  Kirk Ross at

Detachment Awards Ceremony 2017

​Phil Short - Marine of the Year

Dave Glasgow, Ron Eaton, Jim Smith presented  bronze recruiting medals

John and Nancy Kearney presented with Distinguished Service Awards

John Kearney presented with a Certificate of Appreciation

Bob Guest, Moose Lodge Family Center, presented with a check for $500 in appreciation of the Family Center's support over the years.


​Detachment Awards Ceremony at the August Detachment Meeting Aug 17

​Detachment Family Picnic Sept 17 

Detachment Support to the Modern Day Marine Exhibition Sept 17 - 19. (MCL National has asked this Detachment to staff the MCL National Booth at this event.​)

Congressman Rob Whitman, Member House Armed Services Committee speaks to the Detachment.

​Do you know the actual founding date for the US Marine Corps?  It might surprise        you!

​Historically, the Marine Corps dates back to the founding of the ​Continental Marines  in Tun Tavern on that date.

​However,​ the founding of the United States Marine Corps dates to the Navy Act of 1798. Our Corps uses the historical  date 0f Nov 10, 1775

On display at the May Detachment meeting, was a US Flag that was rescued from the Pentagon following the 9-11 attack.  The flag is in pretty good shape except for stains.  By member decision, this flag will be on display along with our regular detachment flags (US and MCL).

Some Books to ConsiderT

From the Webmasters Personal Library and Worth Reading:

"We Were Going to Die There  With the Marines at Guadalcanal, Tarawa, and Saipan" by Roy Elrod, LtCol, USMC (Ret)

"Two Flags Over Iwo Jima" by Eric  Hammel (Solving the Mystery of the Marine Corps Proudest Moment)

"Sacred Duty - A Soldiers Tour at Arlington National Cemetery" by Senator Tom Cotton (Senator Cotton served a tour at Arlington as a Member of the 3d US Infantry)

"To the Walls of Derne - William Eaton, the Tripoli Coup, and the End of the 1st Barbary War" by Chip Reid

"Sea Stories - My Life in Special Operations" by William McRaven, Admiral, USN (Ret) (Navy Seal and 4 Star Admiral)

Detachment Challenge Coins available at meetings for $10 each.  See Quartermaster Joe Vera to purchase.

The Detachment is greatful to Marine Craig Ford for the design and initial funding for this project.

​Jack Maas Detachment 1379
Marine Corps League
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407

Veterans Seeking Employment Contact:

Robert Singer (and Detachment Member)

Veteran's Employment Specialist

Virginia Workforce Center

Virginia Employment Commission

10304 Spotsylvania Ave, Suite 100

Fredericksburg, VA 22408


John (Jack) B. Maas Jr, Colonel, USMC

Colonel Maas entered the Marine Corps through the V-5 Program and attended flight school at NAS Pensacola.  Designated Naval Aviator 11015 and commissioned a 2d Lieutenant USMCR on 9 Jan 1942. He was credited with 4 aerial victories with VMF 112 at Guadalcanal and with 1.5 at Okinawa in 1945.  Several command and staff assignments occurred during and following WW II and Kora.  Colonel Maas retired on 28 June 1968 at Norfolk, VA

Colonel Maas' personal decorations include 3 awards of the DFC, a Bronze Star with combat V, and 8 single mission awards of the Air Medal.

Post retirement, Colonel Maas managed Shannon Airport in Fredricksburg, VA from 1968 to 1977 and served as Executive Director of the Marine Corps Aviation Association from 1977 to 1987.

Colonel Maas died on 7 Aug 2005 and is buried at Quantico National Cemetery.  At the time of his death, he was survived by his wife Natalie and four children.  Natalie Maas died in 2012 and lies at rest next to her husband.

Welcome to the Jack Maas Detachment 1379

​The Jack Maas Detachment 1379 was formed in June 2011 and chartered by the Marine Corps League on July  23, 2011.  The Detachment meets on the 3d Saturday of the month at the Moose Family Center 1655, 11917 Cherry Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407 starting at 1000.  On indicated months, the Detachment has a no-host pre-meeting breakfast starting at 0900. The Detachment wishes to express its gratitude to the Moose Family Center for providing the meeting location and their very generous financial support.

​The Detachment is named after the late John  (Jack) B. Maas Jr., Colonel, US Marine Corps (Ret), a World War II and Korean War ace.  The Detachment is also extremely grateful to the Maas family  for their permission to name the Detachment after Colonel Maas and for their very generous financial support.

​To Join the Jack Maas Detachment 1379 of the Marine Corps League:

Come to the Detachment Meeting at 10AM and bring your DD 214 and $35.00.

​The DD 214 determines your eligibility - The Detachment reviews the document and returns it to you.  WE DO NOT MAKE A COPY OR RETAIN YOUR COPY!

​Our Detachment is one of the fastest growing in the League AND MOST IMPORTANT, we are in compliance with all rules and regulations of the Marine Corps League, the IRS, and the Commonwealth of VA!