A Detachment hybrid meeting was held on Sat, 3/20/21 at the American Legion Post 55, Fredericksburg, VA.  Meetings in person resumed in Feb 2021.

Present were 21 members in person and 3 via Zoom. Members approved the minutes of the Feb 21 meeting and Paymaster Report for Feb 21. Paymaster Report was  noted as subject to audit. 

Normal Detachment business was also conducted along with presentation of Life Member Documents and Membership Cards to Tiffany Zapata and Associate Member Life John Kearney. 

Other Detachment Business: Plans in process for celebrating 10th detachment anniversary; Dept of VA Convention Apr 30 to May 1 in Richmond; Membership in detachment is 2d largest in VA (James Slay Det in Richmond is #1); Nominations for elected office held

Tentatively, April Detachment Meeting is scheduled for Sat, 4/17, at the Moose Family Center (our usual venue). Legion Post 55.

​Jack Maas Detachment 1379
Marine Corps League
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407